AntListing :Create eBay Listings,Reply eBay Messages,Print eBay Orders.

How to Create eBay Listings and Upload them to eBay Site?

Please Read Steps 1-8 carefully,then you will know how to list on ebay.

1.Login System ,Username:Admin,Password is Empty

2.After Login ,You can see the Main Interface of System

3.Add your eBay UserID into the System

4.Create New eBay Listing Template Item.(Stored in Repository Templates Box)

5.Select Inventory Items to Prepare to Upload.(Stored in Waitting to Upload Box)

You Can Select One or More eBay User ID

6.Upload the Selected Items to eBay Site (Stored in eBay Listings)

7.eBay Active Listings

After Upload items to eBay Site,Items will be stored in Active Box

8.eBay End Listings

9.eBay Orders Management.

Download Orders from eBay Site

10. Write Messages to Buyers.(Stored in My Wrote Messages Box)

11.Mark Orders as Shipped

12.eBay Messages Management.

Download Messages from eBay Site

13.Reply eBay Message.(Stored inMy Replied Messages Box)

14.Send Messages to Buyers

15.Import eBay online Listings into the System

16.Images Hosting

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